Gallery Exhibition - When Two Worlds Meet - The Ethereal and the Earthly

Exhibition: 2nd August to 11th September 2016

Two very different styles and mediums—one colourful, free flowing and celestial created in melted wax and mixed media. The other rooted and grounded in the earth; intricate etching depicting the floal beauty, complexity and diversity of Australian native orchids.

Kim Heath lives in Sun Valley in the beautiful Blue Mountains. For many years she ran her own beauty business using colour and style to bring out the natural beauty in women using makeup and clothing. This has provided her with the ability to accurately see colour and use this experience to create designs/patterns in a unique way. In art she has studied pastels and drawing and now extensively use the medium of encaustics which she have fallen in love with. She combines encaustics with mixed media and glass for a completely unique style.

Exhibition by Kim Heath

“Encaustics is painting with melted wax and what I love about it is the total freedom it gives me to create beautiful art works. I am only limited by my imagination! I have attended specific workshops in encaustics as well as mosaics and attended Charles Sturt University to undertake a full time encaustics course with the internationally known Trish Seggebruch who travels the world teaching this subject. I now run my own training courses. It can be as simple as beeswax melted and applied to an absorbent surface.”

“Encaustics is an ancient art form undergoing a revival with the experimental anything-goes nature of today’s art world. Of course the techniques used to blend the colours, move the wax, imbed material all come with experience and experimentation and of course your own imagination. Materials used can be virtually anything from bubble wrap to gem stones and anything in between. Techniques of cutting, scraping, layering, blending, bonding, brushing and colour matching really turn this art form into a mixed media wonderland.”

Kim Bagot-Hiller is a Botanical impressionist and an emerging artist from Bathurst NSW specialising in Botanical subjects. The focus of her practice is in portraying subjects in graphite, pen and ink. The use of these mediums have allowed for the pealing back of colour revealing the beauty beneath.

Exhibition by Kim Bagot-Hiller

“In the beginning the focus of my practice was to portray my subjects – plants and flowers, in its barest form, stripping away the distraction of colour, using techniques of pen and ink drawings and graphite rendering, revealing the beauty beneath. The soft, delicate nature of a flower portrayed by graphite and the structural complexity of the pen and ink.”

“By investigating artistic techniques and mediums, I recently discovered printmaking a natural extension of my drawing mediums. Printmaking has become perfect process and vehicle for conveying the complexity and beauty of Australian Native flora. Dry point and etching extend my processes already developed through drawing, allowing for the combination of softness and complexity.”

“My practice has been influenced by studies in Environmental Science, with knowledge of Botany, plant structure and science, attention to detail has become an important aspect to my work. Combing the scientific, and the artistic is the challenge which motivates my practice. Making scientific beauty of the floral landscape accessible.”