Gallery Exhibition - 'Twofold'

‘Twofold’ is a combined exhibition by Marjo Carter and Jane Patterson. Marjo and Jane have been friends for many years and were excitied to have the opportunity to have an exhibition together.

Read what the artists had to say about their artwork in the upcoming exhibition below:

Jane Patterson
Jane Patterson

I paint what I love because I enjoy painting. The process itself makes it worth doing and it is the way I best appreciate Creation.

Subjects include wide landscapes and closer looks at the living things we find in the landscape. I like to paint scenes and creatures that I have had time to observe so camping in the same area for a few days is ideal. Birds and animals come and go, often getting quite close, and skies, hills and trees can be watched over a cup of tea...... Drawings are done, photos taken and watercolours painted. The medium lends itself to outdoor painting — you don’t need much equipment and the works dry flat, light and easily transportable.

Human beings rarely feature in my work but I do paint ‘chooks’ with some rather human characteristics. A light – hearted change from landscapes, they are, nevertheless the result of careful observation.

Which brings me full circle — I paint what I come across in life for my enjoyment and hopefully for yours!

Marjo Carter
Marjo Carter

Works for this exhibition will represent a combination of interests in my current work practice.

On the one hand is the consideration of the cylinder form, employing simple principles of clean lines and restrained decorative features. On the other hand is the combination of clay and hand rendered letterforms.

As a calligrapher I am interested in taking the particular aspects and qualities which govern calligraphy and sets calligraphic writing apart from other forms of visual text, such as print and natural handwriting.

As a potter I am interested in using clay as the medium for writing rather than the more traditional and familiar surfaces, such as paper.

The overriding challenge for me lies in the presentation of a credible amalgam of calligraphic skills and clay working expertise.