Grenfell Art Gallery Exhibition - Through Different Eyes - 12th Sept - 22nd Oct



Ann and Louise met seven years ago and   discovered a common interest in depicting the living world through their art. Both share a love of figurative work.

The works Louise creates are boldly creative, whereby the undertaking itself takes over and leads her to the creation of interesting,     modern and innovative works.

Ann’s works involve planning through to the perceived finished work before ever lifting a brush. Her works lean towards realism yet many have an underlying abstract component.

Louise Adams

My works are predominately drawings and sculptures.

Having an affinity with animals and nature, I draw heavily from both for my inspiration/subject matter. I strive to convey the tactile nature of fur and love to infuse ‘soul’ into my animal drawings. I enjoy experimenting with graphite and try to achieve different effects using techniques I have developed. My aim is to give the animals I draw character and my drawings a three dimensional appearance.

I started sculpting in 2012. Working mainly with soapstone and serpentine. There is a real excitement in taking a piece of nondescript stone and turning it to a beautiful object. Pieces take a long time and a lot of effort to complete but I derive immense pleasure from the process. The sculptures are generally abstract when finished as the stone more often than not lends itself to an abstract form.


Ann Gilbert

The concept behind my proposed works is that of “life”.   The challenge for me in painting and drawing is to produce an accurate depiction of life in all its myriad forms and appear alive. This is seen in the form, musculature, facial expression and especially the eyes.   For me personally the failure to depict life in my paintings of people and other living creatures is a failed artwork.

The style and media of my work is quite variable but there is that one constant: Convincing myself (and others) that each work is representative of a living, breathing creature with personality and life.

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