Big open dark indigo skies filled with sparkling stars are what you see when you look into the sky from Grenfell. Grenfell provides perfect dark skies suitable for spectacular night viewing. A new moon is the best time to watch stars and to see the spectacular milky way.

Spot the man on the moon or watch the comets shoot by.

The Night Sky in Grenfell NSW

The image above is of the Weddin Mountains, looking back towards Grenfell. You can see the towns glow coming up from behind the mountains.

The night sky may be made more interesting with the use of one of the following apps.

  • Sky Safari  has both free and paid for iOS and Android.
  • Stellarium is free for all platforms including PC and is quite easy to use - and can be used offline.  
  • Skyview Lite is free for Android for the version with ads but has a basic cost for iOS.

Night Sky has both free and paid versions for both.