Henry Lawson Tributes

A monument is situated at the birthplace of Henry Lawson one of Australia’s most famous poets, who wrote short stories like the slapstick Loaded Dog and the moving Drovers Wife. It is shaded by a sugar gum planted by his daughter, Bertha, and located just a short two minute drive from the town centre at Lawson Park.

A bust of Henry is situated in the aptly named Main Street, next to the Ambulance Station. Push the button and listen to some of Henry's most famous poems while you are immersed in Grenfell's country charm.

You will also find a interactive statue of Henry on the corner of Main & Forbes Street. He sits; eyes cast over his beloved birthplace, contemplating the visit he never had. Weary but relaxed Henry is poised, pen in hand, notepad blank. A vacant place exists either side of Henry which beacons you sit... take a moment and reflect on what Lawson's birthplace means to you.

The Henry Lawson Festival of Arts held on the June long weekend celebrates Grenfell’s famous son, Henry Lawson, born on a Grenfell goldfield in 1867. Henry's head appears on the Saturday of the Henry Lawson Festival on the Main & Forbes Street round-about. 'Creative' photos are often seen being captured here during the day.

Henry Lawson Statue, Main Street Grenfell

A monument to Henry Lawson in Grenfell

Henry Lawson paper mache head at the Henry Lawson Festival