Grenfell Museum & Historical Society

Exhibits at the Historic Museum are based on local history of the Weddin Shire.

Themed displays feature early household rooms, medical, communications, railway history, local businesses & organisations, designed around personal objects linked to local families and professions.

Other exhibits pay tribute and reflect the war service of local people; some famous identities born at Grenfell – Jan Lehane (tennis) Stan McCabe (cricket), Henry Lawson (poet & writer).

Exhibits on Weddin Shire’s beginnings, themed on gold mining, farming, bushrangers and the pioneer spirit also feature.

This Museum houses a large local history photographic collection, extensive core collection from the Weddin Shire, and has a local family & a local history Library. The Museum is a great destination and contact for local family history research.

Entry Fees: adult $5, child $2.

Open Monday: 9am to 11am. Weekends: 2-4pm. Opened at other times on request – please contact us to arrange this.