Start Date: Friday, 29 July 2022

Finish Date: Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Location: Grenfell Art Gallery, 88 Main Street, Grenfell NSW 2810

Contact: Grenfell Art Gallery - 02 6343 2059

Exhibition by Sharon Field.

Our place on this planet is becoming fragile as the natural climate becomes increasingly reactive in the face of the human, political, economic and industrial demands that continue to extract from but not give back to our planet. The plants and animals in our environment are undoubtedly tough, but they are helpless against the constant and unrelenting onslaught of humankind which is, for the most part, self-serving. Can our now fragile environment sustain its biodiversity in the face of this constant battering? Time is of the essence.
While we (people) set ourselves apart from so much in the natural world, when the evening falls, we too become one with the earth, watched over by the night sky. There are always glimmers of hope in the stars, and if we have the will to look after our natural heritage we will experience a bright tomorrow. Once gone however, it is gone forever.

The title of the exhibition 'Through the Glimmering Night' - These words were spoken by Oberon in William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

The titles of my works have been drawn from poems or the works of Shakespeare. I find that the lyricism of wordsmiths adds a precious dimension to the visual work.

Artwork by Sharon Field Artwork by Sharon Field