Start Date: Friday, 4 March 2022

Finish Date: Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Location: Grenfell Art Gallery, 88 Main Street, Grenfell NSW 2810

Contact: 02 6343 2059

Art exhibition by three multi award winning artists: Peter Larsen, David Isbester & Dermit Rodwell.

Peter Larsen: I paint to capture the rich diversity and vitality of the landscape. I also seek to convey the emotional context which drew me to the scene in the first place.

Dermot Rodwell: My paintings represent a part of rural history and everyday themes. I believe my paintings capture, a certain mood and character which the subject requires.

David Isbester: I paint light from life. Lucky to have a challenge, calling, passion, job and career all rolled into one. Light is my language and my way of life.