Start Date: Monday, 2 August 2021

Finish Date: Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Location: Grenfell Art Gallery, 88 Main Street

Contact: Grenfell Visitor Centre - 02 6343 2059

Who is The Bos?

Visit the Grenfell Art Gallery this winter for the opportunity to view a collection of works by Dubbo based artist Frits Bos.

An inspired journey of self-reflection. The centrepiece of this exhibition is a stunning self-portrait giving an insight into the many aspects which have influenced Frits in his creative work.
His VIEWS and RELEAMS exhibition features a collection of Australian Landscapes, portrait, sculpture and some fanciful pieces just for laughs.

“I love the Australian bush; I always feel as if there is a mystery to be uncovered. All is not what it seems and my paintings try and capture something of that. I spent many years working on farms, they were some of the happiest years of my life. Long days in the baking sun, with my dog by my side, and much of my recent work is about our connection to the land and sky and has been shaped by John Constables work on sky and cloud – chasing the light.
The devastation of the bushfires in the Royal National park years ago - the burnt-out colours of the bush, brown, yellow and ochre made a great impact. Following the recent bushfires, I was commissioned to paint a series showing before, during and after the fire and several of the pieces in the exhibition came after that work. There are so many beautiful scenes around our area I want to record on canvas as they are; showing fire and drought, deserts and rivers, knowing that they are constantly changing is part of the challenge.
And then sometimes a fancy takes me to create something just for fun – come and have a look, I’d love to hear what you think.”

When he is not in his studio Frits can be found outdoors in his sprawling garden, building in his workshop or training his dogs.

‘Views and Releams’ is on in the Grenfell Art Gallery from Monday 2nd August to Wednesday 8th September.

'Somewhere along the Murray' by Frits Bos