Start Date: Friday, 24 July 2020

Start Time: 6:00 PM

Finish Date: Thursday, 3 September 2020

Location: Grenfell Art Gallery

Contact: 02 6343 2059

  Inside my head, it is very busy. Like too many tabs open on a computer. A lot of whirring, waiting for things to really emerge and become seen, nailed down, resolved.

A very large part of creating art for me is playing, experimenting, making marks on a page, on canvas, on paper, and seeing where it takes you, often not knowing where I am going, or why. Just ideas that I need to, have to and want to explore.

Many works are NEVER seen by the public, not exhibited nor resolved. Some works are painted over, are cut up and repurposed, some I come back to later with fresh eyes and ideas. Some of course, turn out okay, the end result pleasing to me. But then I look for the next thing…

I have a large range of styles, oeuvres, mediums, and an even larger range of ideas that I would like to explore, which actuually rather than helping me, can actually make knowing what to do next a challenge.

I love fine detailed whimsical illustration work, with fine brushes, slowly building up colour and detail.

Yet I also hanker after and LOVE doing larger abstract watercolour and acrylic works, with no discernible story, just colour.

I also love collage, cutting and sticking, juxtaposing textures and images to create a new story, a new visual.

I collect paper ephemera boxes of it, waiting to be inspired and create with. I collect pamphlets and little sketchbooks, slowly building them into finished books of art. I collect little boxes and interesting fonts and typography, just in case.

Then there is photography, the medium I majored in at Uni many years ago. This still plays an important role for me, inspiring me, and how I frame the world. I take flatlay photos, and use my collections as things to document, as well as looking for small and large moments of beauty in everyday life that deserve to be captured. Shadows, colours, shapes, light.

In the last few years I have also been doing a lot of sketching and drawing with black pen, with no prep drawing, just straight on the page. Often simple mundane things repeated, or words, I find great comfort, delight and pleasure in doing these. They still my busy mind.

In the background to all of this is a HUGE project I am doing, called The Breadtag Project, which is an entire exhibition, synopsis, explanation in itself!
In doing so many things, I tend to lump them into A PROJECT, or a series, because this gives me structure and purpose. Perhaps it is those years at uni, seeing how other artists produced things as a group, as the smaller pieces of a larger overview, that got under my skin?

For whatever reason, in my busy brain, I come up with an idea, and it forms a contained, purposeful thing, with beginning and end, a reason for existing, a reason for being worth the attention, time and energy.

Big or little, most things projects start like this whether for just me, or sometimes it might be for a client, or commission. Perhaps it might be for an assignment for a course, or being part of a group challenge online.

Deadlines are good, they make me work with more direction and less procrastination…

This exhibition represents SOME of the things I have done in the last 12 months, and especially being inside so much due to the Covid 19 virus restrictions. I have allowed myself time to gather ideas, and play more than just produced finished work, so instead of having just one particular story to tell, this exhibition is like snippets, little chapters that make up what life inside is like for someone who just likes to create something.