Poppies for Remembrance - Grenfell Art Gallery Exhibition

Start Date: Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Finish Date: Sunday, 25 November 2018

Location: Grenfell Art Gallery, 88 Main Street, Grenfell NSW 2810

Contact: Chris Lobb, Grenfell Garden Club

An exhibition celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the first Armistice Day and the Flanders Poppy.

This exhibition includes a display of memorabilia, posters and photos from WW1, a large display of knitted & crochet poppies as well as an exhibition/competition of poppy art.

Download the Poppy Art Competition information here.

Download the Poppy Art Competition entry form here.

The Grenfell Garden Club is undertaking a large-scale celebration of the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day for World War 1, an historic event which occurred on 11th November 1918. The celebration is themed around the Flanders Poppy, a plant with a deep red flower which grows wild on many of the battle fields of France and Belgium and has become symbolic of the war as a representation of the blood that was spilled. The responses from Grenfell and district have been overwhelming, with many local residents cheerfully volunteering to participate in the widespread range of activities:

  • Flanders Poppy seeds have been planted in public areas and many private gardens in Grenfell and the villages
  • Plantings have also been carried out at the local schools at Grenfell, Caragabal, Greenethorpe and Quandialla
  • Memorial displays are being prepared for the Main Street roundabouts and Rygate Square
  • Window displays are being prepared for Grenfell businesses and shopfronts
  • Over 2,500 hand-made poppies have been cut out, sewn or crocheted for display purposes
  • An Exhibition of art, memorabilia and WW1 photos will be held in the Grenfell Art Gallery from 16th October until 25th November
  • The Exhibition includes an Art Competition featuring the Flanders Poppy and offering attractive prizes. Entry forms are available from the Gallery and close on 5th October
  • The Exhibition will be officially opened at 6.00 pm on 16th October by ABC Radio’s Ian McNamara, known nation-wide as Macca from his weekend programme “Australia All Over.”

The first of the Flanders Poppies are now beginning to flower at some locations. There is no doubt the town will be an attractive sight as they appear in their thousands over the coming weeks, with many visitors expected from surrounding towns to view the floral spectacle. The whole purpose of this project is to remember and celebrate the sacrifices and achievements of all the brave service men and women during WW1. The Grenfell Garden Club is pleased to be contributing to this historic occasion.

Poppy Art Competition Grenfell NSW - Poppies for Remembrance Exhibition Poppy Art Competition Grenfell NSW - Poppies for Remembrance Exhibition Poppy Art Competition Grenfell NSW - Poppies for Remembrance Exhibition