Art and Science: The Nature of Documentation - Grenfell Art Gallery Exhibition

Start Date: Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Finish Date: Sunday, 2 September 2018

Location: Grenfell Art Gallery, 88 Main Street, Grenfell NSW 2810

Contact: 02 6343 2059

A joint exhibition by Matt Georgevits & Lanny Mackenzie.

Matt has lived on the edge of a national park his whole life and is interested in the birds that live there. This work explores his fascination with birds, and the different interpretations that artists have taken to a supposedly emotionless art form of documentation in ornithology. While it is often easy to identify the bird that an artist is trying to portray, the variation from artist to artist is quite profound. Matt is exploring how people in this area approach the plight of the artist - taking what they see around them & bringing a little something extra to it.

Lanny has been surrounded by bold vibrant colours since birth, growing up in rural Java and Bali, Indonesia. She channels these memories into her bespoke, woven art using all materials available to her, both natural and recycled. Using intricate weaving techniques, she attempts to ex-plore the space between concept and expression to bring to life her colourful whimsical creations.