Weddin Shire is a wonderful area where you can see fields and fields of canola flowering. The bright yellow crops are spectacular when they flower against the green spring fields around them.

Canola Fields in Grenfell NSW

The information below will assist you with your visit to see the fields of green and gold for that unique photo opportunity. We can also help you find that perfect lookout with panoramic views of our beautiful farming region. Each year we welcome more and more visitors from all over who wish to see the fields of canola surrounding Grenfell. But please remember these crops and their vibrance rely heavily on environmental factors as to how long they last.

When is the best time to see the canola in flower?
There is generally a 4 week window usually around September in which the canola crops are in full bloom with bright yellow flowers. Before they flower a canola crop looks bright green and can be hard to distinguish from other varieties of crop. Canola is from the brassica species so young plants that haven’t begun to flower look a lot like broccoli or cauliflower with large round leaves. Generally the crops will come into flower on the north west of the Shire first and the south eastern crops following on.

Where can I see the canola crops?
Each year farmers rotate the crops grown in each paddock to ensure that the soil can regenerate the nutrients it needs to produce a certain crop. You won’t find a canola crop in the same spot two years in a row.

How can I find out?
We do the detective work for you and find out when and where there will be canola crops each year. All you have to do is call the Grenfell Visitor Information Centre on 02 6343 2059 or drop in when you arive! We will provide you with up to date information and maps.

Can I access the crop?
Not unless you have permission. The canola crops are the farmers livelihood. You have to respect private property and not trespass. If you are planning a special photo shoot like an engagement or a wedding, please give us a call and we will talk to the farmer to give you access. The crops are alongside the road, so you can take great shots without entering the crop.

Trespassing might result in council having to stop the promotion of flowering canola. Please stick to the rules so everyone can enjoy the stunning sight of the flowering crops.