Bird Watching & Bird Trails

Grenfell is unique for bird life in that a considerable proportion of the district is timbered, forest-woodland. It is the ideal location for bird watching in their natural habitat.

You can download the Bird Trails of the Weddin Shire brochure here. The brochure features information and a map.

Bush Stone–curlew

The Bush Stone-curlew is an easily recognisable ground dwelling bird that has in recent years dwindled in numbers around the Grenfell region. In general the plumage is mottled grey over the back, rump, tail and head, with a distinctive white eye stripe and a large yellow eye. During the day this species stands almost motionless under the shade of trees or large shrubs within remnant patches of woodland to the west of Grenfell.
Listed as Endangered (Schedule 1) on the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 this species is now receiving special attention by the Catchment Management Authority to preserve the remaining birds and their habitat.

Click here to download the Bird Trails Brochure