Grenfell Art Gallery

The Art Gallery opened in the Grenfell Community Hub Building in March 2009 and has regular exhibitions on display. Exhibitions feature local and regional artists and sculptors. The gallery adds a professional venue for the arts community of Grenfell. The large light towers in the gallery mean the room is full of natural light and is an unexpected delight behind the building’s heritage exterior.

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Current Exhibition

'Shades of Light' by Roslyn Elms & Elaine Dowd

11th October – 20th November, 2016

An eclectic collection of photographs, photographic art and digital illustrations by Roslyn Elms, and handpainted porcelain by Elaine Dowd. Artwork will be sub-headed "Moments and Light", Landscapes and Porcelain Art; "The Light Within", Portraits; and "Bending the Light", Digital Art & Digital Illustration.

Elaine Dowd - Porcelain Artist

Grenfell Art Gallery - Elaine Dowd

Elaine was introduced to china painting in 1979 whilst living in Country NSW. Always wanting to learn the art, Elaine was thrilled when the opportunity arose. It wasn’t until after moving to Sydney she was able to devote more time to painting. Studying mainly with leading porcelain artists, as well as attending seminars, fostered her love of porcelain painting. Elaine continued in this medium and also expanded into watercolours and mixed media.

Elaine’s love of the beauty of nature, her innate ability to capture the light and the essence of a moment is easily appreciated when you view her work. Pen-work has always been her first love and Elaine delights in the challenge of interpreting a design and executing it in fine pen-work. Her fine brushwork, and distinct sense of style, design and colour are a joy to experience. From a tiny bud to the rendering of the harbour bridge in fine detail, shades of light are reflected in Elaine’s work. Elaine’s ability to render her own distinct way of seeing and appreciating the world and a captured moment is evident on all of her works.

Roslyn Elms - Artist/Photographer

Grenfell Art Gallery - Roslyn Elms

Roslyn’s love of art has always been an intrinsic part of who she is. A love of all things fanciful and creative was fostered by her parents who encouraged her imagination by providing books and poetry, pencils and paper that Roslyn continues to love today.

Five homes and four children later - fast forward to 2011. A spontaneous gift of a DSLR camera by her husband Richard had the most profound effect. Suddenly inspired again by the beauty of the world, by creation, by the new creative possibilities of a previously unexplored art form, Roslyn was galvanised into a renewed desire. The desire to create, to express and to share. The camera became the canvas; the tripod the easel, and light, the medium.

Five large canvases were created and immediately (and miraculously) sold to a wonderful Stylist in Sydney, and a new vision was born. Roslyn won the Best Small Exhibit at the 2012 Art Expo in Sydney – her first attempt at being part of such an exhibition. Several solo exhibitions have also been held, and Roslyn now has her own private Boutique Gallery at her home in Faulconbridge which is opened at various times throughout the year and by appointment.

The journey continues with bends in the creative road ahead. Roslyn believes we are all made to be creative in our own way, and her hope with this exhibition is that the viewers will perhaps find a sense of the glimmering shades of light which make up each person and each moment lived.

Next Exhibition

Grenfell Community Arts & Craft Group

22nd November - 8th January 2016

Grenfell is proud to showcase the recent works of our highly regarded local arts group. For many years they have been meeting at their Rose Street Rooms and enjoying friendship and art tuition.

This collection showcases their more recent works. These include still life, landscapes of local scenes in pastels, watercolours, acrylics and oils. Depending on the work in progress, there may also be some fine sketches and possibly charcoal works.

Upcoming Exhibitions

‘Indigo Blue’ by Maureen Locke-Maclean

10th January ‐ 26th February 2017

Community Curtain

The Community Curtain at the Grenfell Art Gallery

The Gallery is also the home of the Grenfell Community Curtain which permanently occupies the northern wall of the gallery. The vision for the curtain was ‘a visual representation of the essence of the Grenfell community’.

The curtain began its journey in 1990 and its evolution meandered along until 2000 when the deadline for completion was set- the Centenary of Federation, September 2001. The curtain is 14 feet high comprises five panels each of which is five foot wide. There was a team of 17 volunteers working on the project with funding coming from the Grenfell Dramatic Society. The curtain has been constructed on fire resistant canvas.

The curtain serves as a tourist drawcard as it gives visitors an opportunity to view local sites and past events in the richly textured artwork. The curtain is for the community and its location ensures that everyone has an opportunity to view and appreciate it. A watercolour of the design hangs in the Weddin Shire Council Chambers and a ceramic version is mounted on the wall of the Grenfell Motel in Main Street.

Images featured on the curtain include The Caragabal silos, the George Street fires, the Grenfell Court House, the Weddin Shire Council Logo, Iandra castle, The Blue Church on the Cowra Road, St Josephs Church, Uniting Church, The Holy Trinity Anglican Church, The Flour Mill, the Quandialla Railway water tower, the Grenfell Railway Station, the Grenfell Record Office, The Odd Fellows Hall, The Henry Lawson Obelisk, gold mining history complete with Chinese workers, indigenous culture, native flora such as eucalyptus leaves, paper daisies, hardenbergia, autumn leaves, vast bird life including cockatoo, kookaburra, galah, magpie, rosella, blue wren, superb parrot, silver eye and kangaroos and emu. These are not all of the images on the curtain and you are encouraged to visit the curtain and identify even more featured scenes.

A book called ‘Painting with Thread’- the story of the curtain is available for purchase from the gallery.

The curtain is accessible to all with wheelchair access and disabled toilets conveniently located.

Practicing Artists Register

Here is a list of practicing artists in Weddin Shire

Name Medium Style Contact Details
Patina Art Gallery - Kathleen McCue Sculpture, Painting Welded metal found objects & Botanical paintings 166 Gooloogong Road, Grenfell
P: 0419 149 372 E:
Paul McKnight Painting Realism E:
Neva Napier Painting Landscapes, Traditional 6347 6256
Jan Armstrong Painting Landscapes, Traditional 02 6343 2693
Judith Spedding Painting, Ceramics Oils, Traditional 02 6343 4121